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About the Company

As one of the first venture capital companies in the chemical business in Puerto Rico, Industrial Chemicals Corporation (ICC) successfully raised $1.4 million dollars from ten local investors, the Pitcairn Co. of Pa. and the Government Development Bank in order to proceed with acquisition of equipment and construction of an environmentally up-to-date plant for the manufacture of sulfuric acid in Puerto Rico.

ICC was able to accomplish this effort by acquiring and dismantling two large sulfuric acid plants that had been idled for several years at Shell's oil refinery in Curacao.  ICC was able to combine equipment from both plants to achieve what is known as a double conversion, double absorption process.  Essentially all the process engineering and design engineering was done in-house. ICC has provided the livelihood for between 37 and 58 employees (most with families) for nearly 30 years.  During much of this time, employees enjoyed a fully company paid medical plan. ICC has supplied without interruption the chemical and pharmaceutical industries on the island with a broadly used chemical at an estimated savings of over $10 million versus the cost of imported acid.  During the early 80's, ICC was still able to compete with imported acid even though this sulfuric acid was being dumped on world markets.  For example, the Japanese were paying to remove large excesses of acid from Japan.

ICC has provided a local market for sulfur produced by local oil refineries which otherwise would have posed a disposal problem.

ICC's expansion into related inorganic chemicals helped specialty companies like D. D. Williamson expand their local operations with additional employment and other benefits for the island.  The process for this product, ammonium bisulfite supplied to D. D. Williamson, was developed internally with excellent results.

ICC entered the water treatment chemical business in 1988 as a joint venture with a respected Venezuelan company. Construction of a world scale plant for alum manufacture was completed in about 10 months and involved adapting special equipment from idled chemical plants in the neighborhood. We currently supply alum to the North Coast Super Aqueduct which produces about 20% of the potable water on the Island.

In 2004, ICC's affiliate Puerto Rico Alum Corporation completed construction of modern facilities for the production of aluminum chlorohydrate and polyaluminum chloride.  The Company is proceeding to construct new facilities on the Island for hydrochloric acid manufacture based on reconfiguring agricultural chemicals. ICC is the sole remaining significant producer of inorganic chemicals on the island with sound prospects for the future which include large volume supply of water treatment chemicals.  ICC expects to be a major player in the supply of basic chemicals to other countries of the Caribbean Basin.