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Industrial Chemical Corporation (ICC) is a locally owned private corporation duly registered in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico for the manufacture,... sales and distribution of chemicals, along with related products and services. Our goal is to provide the best products, services and technical support to the manufacturing, energy, construction, municipal and agricultural sectors in Puerto Rico and the adjacent Caribbean.

Industrial Chemicals Corporation was founded in 1974 and began operations in 1977. It quickly grew into a leading regional... supplier of sulfuric acid and related inorganic chemicals. Puerto Rico utilities plants, Water and Electricity are some of our biggest customers.

By 1989 ICC became the major manufacturer and supplier of Aluminum Sulfate in the Island as it is today. Throughout the years ICC continued adding services and products such as chemical manufacturer for... Industrial Cooling Towers, heat transfer units, Potable and Waste water treatment plants and specialized water treatment products. We also provide professional consulting services as well as hazardous chemicals transportation in bulk or different packaging.

In 2004, ICC's affiliate Puerto Rico Alum Corporation completed construction of modern facilities for the production of aluminum chlorohydrate and polyaluminum chloride. ... ICC is the sole remaining significant producer of inorganic chemicals on the island with sound prospects for the future which include large volume supply of water treatment chemicals. ICC expects to be a major player in the supply of basic chemicals to other countries of the Caribbean Basin.


Industrial Chemicals Corporation shall become the preferred chemical supplier for water treatment and general use in Puerto Rico and countries in the Caribbean Basin by the means of exceptional quality and service.


Our mission is to provide our customers with products and services while mantaining and exceeding all quality standards in our industry. We will do this by assuring to have the best materials and good manufacturing practices in all our processes and services with competitive prices.


The Group Operates two manufacturing sites:

The primary site is at Peñuelas comprises 15 acres along the Caribbean Coast with ready access to the ports of Ponce, Guayanilla and Guánica Bay. The site is within the former world scale chemical complex of Union Carbide and CORCO, both with nearby docks for handling our products. The combined cycle power plant of Ecoelectrica and one of the largest electric generating plant of the government are within a few miles.

The 5 acres site at Vega Alta has manufacturing facilities for alum, storage for products from the Peñuelas site, a large warehouse building and offices. Vega Alta is near the heart of the main pharmaceutical manufacturing on the island.