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ICC maintains a wide offering and ample inventory of products for the following industries.
The liquid products are offered in nominal 5,000 gallon bulk, 275 gallon IBC and 55 gallon IBC drum quantities.

Aggregate Mining

Dewatering agents for sand and gravel operations

Construction & Coatings

APEO free-formaldehyde free styrene acrylic copolymers dispersion for paints and sealant

Dispersing agents & thickeners

Silicone fluids and emulsions

Anti foams, defoamers and dispersants

Rheology modifiers

Self leveling additives for concrete

Solvents (Aromatics, chlorinated & ketones)

Low to zero VOC solvents

Spherical & rounded microspheres for a wide variety of industrial applications

Styrenic block copolymers for solvent based coating systems

Dry mortars and concrete additives for adhesion and hardening


Glycol ethers


Nonyl phenol ethoxylates


Lime Type Q & S

ICC offers a market focused range of products and services to fit the formulators needs. Our offer is combined with manufacturer technical support. Through our experienced local team, we reinforce our commitment to provide the best in class focused product use and application.

Desalination & Membrane Treatment


Scale inhibitors

Food & Beverage


Coagulants and flocculants for onboard water treatment

Acids and bases for pH adjustment

Scale inhibitors


Utility Water Treatment



Corrosion inhibitors


Dust control products

Membrane treatments

Metal passivators

Monitoring and control systems

Odor inhibitors

Oxygen scavengers

Scale inhibitors

Sludge dewatering polymers



pH adjustment

These offerings can lead to more efficient water and energy use, maximum system reliability and capital asset protection, all with a reduced enviromental impact. This specific portfolio is backed by a seasoned application expert who can help you design a total system solution.